Silver Tungsten Sheet

Silver Tungsten Sheet Picture

Production process:

Material--hot rolling--annealing--cold rolling--leveling--annealing--machining--tungsten plates

Production equipments:
Four-high cold mill, vacuum annealing furnace, W43G series straightened, hydraulic plate shears, water jet, wire cutting machine, flat-stone mill.

Good weld and erosion resistance are important. Various grades are available the higher silver grades have higher conductivity, and the higher tungsten grades have greater erosion and weld resistance. High contact pressures are required to ensure effective operation if use for frequent high current switching, where mixed oxides of silver-tungsten can be formed, giving high contact resistance
ⅠProduced powder metallurgic ally in single pressed techniques subsequently infiltrated with silver in liquid phase.
ⅡThe lower side of the contact tips is shaped and infiltrate with a certain excess of Ag.
ⅢThe lower side can be additionally provided with a layer of a brazing alloy